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The Builders Benefit Trust Composite Plans

The Builders Benefit Trust Composite Plans offer discounts of up to 40%! (Must pass underwriting)

Step 1. Pick Your Plans

View The Builders Composite Benefits at a Glance

Builders AHP Composite Renewal 2023 – Hometown Health will be extending the current contract for all existing Builders AHP Composite groups. The renewal will now take place on 6/30/24. We are excited to provide your clients with three additional months on their current rates.

Step 2. Determine Your Eligibility

Confirm that the employer group is a bona-fide business establishment that meets and will continue to meet all Association Health Plan Participation Requirements, including continued enrollment in the Builders Association of Northern Nevada, and one or more of the following Association eligibility requirements:

  • Active Contractors License
  • Developer
  • Direct Jobsite Service/Facilitation
  • Critical Component (e.g. Engineering, Architect, Planner, etc.) whose primary revenue stream is the building industry
  • Supplier Direct to Builder or Industry Member whose primary revenue stream is the building industry
  • Specialized scope of work/services offered in building/construction whose primary revenue stream is the building industry

Every employer must also meet the standards in the Association Health Plan Participation Requirements and Composite Plan Underwriting GuidelinesAdditionally, for Composite Plan eligibility, your group must pass underwriting by:

  • Providing a complete census 
  • Providing claims data to Hometown Health (if available) 

If you are not eligible for a Composite Plan, you may still enroll in a Builders Age-Banded Plan.

Step 3. Become a Builders Association Member

Enroll in The Builders Association by completing the Membership Application.

Step 4. Apply for Health Coverage

To help you with the health coverage application process, please use the Group Application Checklist. All employers must complete the first page of the Adoption Agreement and Eligibility Attestation at application and every renewal.

Step 5. Enroll Your Employees

Every employee must complete either an Enrollment Form OR the Waiver of Health Insurance.

Step 6. Complete iSolved COBRA Service Agreement

COBRA must be made available to all eligible The Builders Benefit Trust Fund employees and their dependents when they terminate employment, have a reduction in hours or otherwise become ineligible for coverage. COBRA must be made available regardless of the number of employees. 

Please download and complete the iSolved COBRA Service Agreement and submit it to your Hometown Health Account Manager or identify who will administer COBRA for the group.

Step 7. Distribute Documents to Your Employees

The Summary Plan Description (SPD) Wrap Document as well as the applicable Evidence of Coverage and Schedule of Benefits should be printed and distributed to every employee as described in the SPD Guidelines for Distribution.